Histories & Theories of Design // Material Cultures // Context Report Tutor
BA Design
Co-leading and co-teaching contextual studies courses across the three years, including course design and convening, lecturing and tutoring. Also a third year context report tutor, working with students on a range of different topics and concerns.

London: Arts Capital and Contemporary Art Worlds
International Foundation Certificate
Course leader and teacher on two IFC courses, the first an in-gallery based course centred on visual and institutional analysis skills; and the second a cross-chronological, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary course locating contemporary art and the history of art itself within a broad conceptual framework. Topics include Theatre; Process; Dream; People; Nature; Commerce; Institution; and World.

Object Studies: Thinking Through Materiality
BA History of Art / BA Fine Art with History of Art / Graduate Diploma in the History of Art
Designed, convened, taught and tutored this introductory interdisciplinary material studies
course, with the first semester introducing a range of material culture methodologies from
across the disciplines; with the second semester focusing on contemporary critical issues around particular categories of objects, such as media and craft. Course description as follows:

From the lone paperclip in an otherwise empty desk drawer to one of the 28,000 plastic toy ducks stuck adrift in the Pacific Ocean through to Roy Lichtenstein’s Portable Radio (1962) complete with leather carry/hanging strap, questions of materiality bring to the fore the critical issue of the object.

Contextualised through a contemporary material turn in the face of digital culture and against the background of sustainability, this course will explore the twin questions of how do objects function to produce meaning and knowledge in the world, and how are we as subjects constituted in and through material forms. During the first term, the class will foreground a variety of critical and disciplinary approaches to the study of objects including the anthropological, archaeological, art historical, design historical, philosophical, media archaeological and sociological. In the second term it will foreground the objects themselves, analysing a range of objects and object categories, from artefacts, art, commodities, designs, ephemera to the everyday, gifts, paraphernalia, rubbish, stuff and things.

Introduction to the History of Art
BA History of Art / BA Fine Art with History of Art
Co-lectured the first year survey course, with historical and modernist focus including History of Art as Visual Cultures; Canonicity; Museology; Biography; Assemblage, Domesticity; The City; Classicism; The Sublime; and Realism.


Lessons on the Typewriter: Technology in the Face of Design History
V&A/RCA MA History of Design
Proposer, course leader and teacher of MA course on the history, philosophy and critical theory of technology, with outline as follows:

What are the critical methodologies and cultural concepts of technology and the technological? And at which points do these methodologies and concepts intersect with, cut across, or become a challenge to the research practice and historiography of design history?

Over this course, we will explore these questions through combining the study of technological objects, processes, eras, cultures and spaces from the eighteenth century to the contemporary with readings from across the history, sociology and philosophy of media and technology. Using these cross-readings, we will critically interrogate frameworks through which ‘technology’ has been and is constructed, and examine what is at stake when we work within these different frameworks.

Each class will pay attention to a different methodological problem in the history of technology. Beginning each session with a different brief micro-history of the typewriter, it will draw in other technological objects, processes and eras in combination with critical concepts and cultural histories of gender, labour, the domestic, magic and spiritualism, to build a contextual map of approaches to and understands of technology.


Knowledge, Cultural Memory, Archives and Research
MA Visual Cultures / MA Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture / MA English Literature / MA Cultural and Critical Studies
Co-taught Research Methodologies course on the Masters Suite of Degrees in the department of English, Linguistics and Cultural Studies, running the sessions ‘What is Research?’ and ‘What is Interdisciplinarity?’.

Introduction to Art & Culture
BA English Literature / BA Journalism
Co-taught hybrid lecture-seminar survey course to first year students, with classes including Definitions of Art & Culture, Mass Culture and Culture Incorporated, as well as running in-gallery sessions.


Questions of Technology: Objects and Culture
BA Product Design / BA Interior Design
Designed, convened and taught undergraduate design history and philosophy of technology module, 3D studio-based students, classes included Writing and Reading Technologies; The Technological Image; The Factory Line and After; Domesticating Technology; The City as Technology; The Technologised Body; Communicating Networks; and Always On, Always Here: Digital Culture.

The Culture of Images: Representations and Meanings
BA Graphic Design / BA Illustration / BA Photography / BA Fine Art with History of Art
Convenor and lecturer on undergraduate visual culture taught to studio-based students with classes including Reading Images; Reproduction, Representation, Simulation; Indexical Images in the Archive; Fashion Faces: Image Identity; Time/Capture/Image; Objectionable Objects; and Culture Jamming.

Professional Practice: The Media, Culture and Creative Industries
BA History of Art, Design and Film
Convenor, guest lecturer programmer and teacher on this practice-based professional development course, which intertwined theoretical issues around professional practice with sessions by visual arts practitioners. Sessions included The Problems of the Culture Industries; From Paper to Zeroes & Ones – The Past, Present and Future of Publishing; The British Film Industry; The University Gallery; Museum Curation – Changing the Agenda; and Dealing Art.

Current Issues in Research
BA Graphic Design / BA Illustration / BA Photography
As well as lecturing on the preparatory course for undergraduate dissertations studio-based students on issues in and around design history and visual culture, I also tutored students from across the Faculty through their undergraduate dissertations.