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Once, Upon An Object

Written for the exhibition ‘You And That Thing There’ held at the APT Gallery, from  14 February – 3 March 2014.

Let me tell you a thing. Once upon an object, there … No … Let me try again … The object is a foreign country; it does things differently … No. No, no, no … Let’s change tack; let’s work from the outside.

First, send your glance towards those things. There they lie, littering the ground, cast aside but then brought ‘out of chance’, standing bare. Cast your eyes over that pile of evocative objects, and feel the pull of their (attempted) seduction. Now, turn your head to rest your gaze on that abandoned desk, with its top right-hand drawer half-open, offering a glimpse of some rifled-through paraphernalia whose secret magical lives appear to loiter in the half-light. And there, behind you, those one hundred objects, served up and unveiled one after another, as artefacts through which have been built a story of the world.

And yet.

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