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Paperweight Radio: Invitation for Statements of Interest

A second series of Paperweight Radio: Explorations in Visual and Material Culture has been commissioned by Resonance FM, the Arts Council-funded radio station based in London.

The shows, which look to showcase recent and contemporary work in the fields of visual and material culture (broadly understood) to a generalist audience, will be broadcast in June and July and I am opening up an invitation to those who are interested in being a guest.

Each show is themed; the first series included the themes Screen, Ghosts, Maker Culture, Paper, Light, Mother/Daughter and The Ecological.

For the second series, I am developing the following themes:

  • Animal
  • Gravity/Space
  • Domesticating the Modernist Body
  • Plastic
  • Mixed Media

If your work could be broadly understood under one of these headers, and you are interested in being a guest, do please send a statement of interest to jckristensen@paperweightanewspaper.com.

As you can understand, the lead times are very short and although I am still waiting final confirmation of exact broadcast dates and times from the station’s scheduling department, do please send your statements sooner rather than later.

As a further note, if you are interested in appearing on the show, and your work does not fall under one of these themes, I am still interested in hearing from you.

For information, the shows are broadcast live from Resonance’s studios on Borough High Street, London, SE1. However, we do have various pre-recording options for both domestic and international guests with schedules and/or geographic locations that mean they can not be present for the live show. Each interview lasts circa. 15 minutes, and guests are invited to choose a piece of music related to their research to be played at the end of their slot.