Design Research Consultant
Since 2012, I have been working as a design research consultant for various Market Research, Insight & Analysis Agencies independent publishers, and as a design researcher for design research agencies on contracts for technology clients. This work has included business and marketing strategy assessments and developing new titles for publishers; and fieldwork analysis and co-running client workshops for design research agencies.

Art Vapours
An art practice with the film and video artist susan pui san lok on feminism and the
everyday in publishing and broadcasting, Art Vapours grew out of our collective work editing
the special issue of Journal of Visual Culture marking the 40th Anniversary of Ways of Seeing.
Actions include:

‘Art Vapours: Ways of Seeing, Hearing, and Speaking Again’, Thinking with Berger, Cardiff Metropolitan University, 4 September 2014. [Conference Paper]

Six Women / Art Vapours’, Mnemoscape Magazine 2: In the Presence of Absence, 2015. [Publication]

Doing Material Culture Studies: The Story of the Apple iPod and Some Rubber Ducks
I am currently working on a book project to develop a cross-disciplinary title on material culture.

Spirit Writing Books
I am also working on another book project for the art publisher Von Zos on books written by the dead.

Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon
As part of the Art+Feminism movement aimed at addressing Wikipedia’s gender trouble, I have been working on adding and editing entries on women designers.

Governing Board Member, The International Association For Visual Culture
IAVC fosters communication and exchange among individuals and institutions engaged in critical analyses of and interventions in visual culture. As such, it works to sponsor and support trans-national and trans-disciplinary engagements across a wide range of communities, organizations, and platforms. It also seeks both to encourage inquiry and debate within the field and to advocate for the critical and theoretical expansion of visual culture studies in sites as various as the museum, the university, the artist’s studio, and emergent alternatives to them.


The 100 Hours Project: 10 Researchers, 10 Objects, 100 Hours
The 100 Hours Project is an interdisciplinary project which over the course of one year uses innovative and collaborative methods to realise new research directions for the contemporary and historical study of material things. Each member of the 100 Hours research team focuses closely an object chosen from the UCL Museum collections, and through discussions with specialists creates a series of innovative research ‘responses’.

Editor, Journal of Visual Culture
From 2009-2014, I was a member of the Editorial Group of this leading academic journal published by Sage. |

Paperweight: Explorations in Visual and Material Culture
A printed newspaper, an app-based digital publication and most recently a radio series, Paperweight aims to bring research in visual and material culture to as large and diverse an audience as possible. For further information see Writing.Editing.Publishing and Talking.Broadcasting.

Publishing Editor, KIOSK: An Annual of Art, Design and Architecture (Kingston University)
Between 2006 and 2009, I worked as one of the editorial members of KIOSK, beginning as Deputy Editor, then Editor in 2008 and finally Managing Editor, acting as a hub for production, design and editorial elements of the publication and for issues two and three, I drafted the issues’ editorial and design briefs. For further information see Writing.Editing.Publishing.

Communications Officer, Design History Society
Between 2005 and 2008, I served as the DHS Executive Committee member with responsibility for all of the Society’s communications, both print and online, including editing and producing the quarterly newsletter, producing and managing the website and weekly electronic digest. I also initiated and managed a major re-branding on behalf of the Society, including the creation of marketing plans, managing the design agency hiring process, and working with the chosen agency in the creation and implementation of the new visual look and feel across all media properties.