Paperweight Radio: Series Two Preview

Series two of Paperweight Radio: Explorations in Visual and Material Culture begins on Resonance 104.4FM on Thursday 19 June, 3.30pm running for seven weeks. As a preview to what is to come, here are some confirmed guest and show details:

  • The first show Collections features Goldsmiths’ curator Jenny Doussan talking about its Textile Collection, Leonie Hannan and Kate Smith on the UCL 100 Hours Project, artist/curator Jane Wildgoose on the Wildgoose Memorial Library and the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture’s curator Zoe Hendon on the Designing Inspiration project run in conjunction with Chelsea College of Art.
  • Domesticating the Modernist Body will feature design historian Jessica Kelly and designer Julijonas Urbonas; it will be broadcast on Thursday 3 July.
  • Mixed Media, to be broadcast on Thursday 10 July, will include Paperweight Editor-at-Large Matt Lodder speaking about Art on Film, Liz Haines on Colonial Cartography, Maria Macken on Book/Architecture and Judy Spark on Communication Technology in Art Practice.
  • The show Art School will be broadcast on Thursday 17 July, and feature Beth Williamson, Emily LaBarge, John Beck and Matthew Cornford discussing the past, present and future of art schools.
  • Other themes include Plastic and Animal, guests for which I am currently confirming.

More to come ….